The Westbrook Junior Australian Football Club (JAFC) has made a concerted effort to maintain player statistics and some records date back to 1990. Preserving these records is important for archival purposes and contributes to the general culture of the club. They also enable milestones to be recognised and celebrated.

In recent years, Westbrook JAFC has undertaken alliances with other local football clubs including the Hornsby-Berowra Eagles and Pennant Hills Demons. This has complicated the gathering of statistics and the following policy is proposed to clarify what statistics should be maintained. The main issue is to determine what constitutes a statistic relevant to a Westbrook JAFC player or an Alliance team. In determining this, the following factors are considered:

  1. The club the player registered with
  2. Whether the team is an Alliance team
  3. How to display the data when one or both of the above are not from Westbrook JAFC


       Scenario Interpretation for Statistics
1 Player is registered with Westbrook JAFC and plays in an Alliance team (e.g. Northern Lights or North West Lightning). As per any Westbrook JAFC player (player is considered to play for Westbrook JAFC).
2 Player is registered with Westbrook JAFC but is permitted to play for another club due to team numbers, more appropriate playing opportunities etc. This is typically a temporary arrangement and the player is considered to still be part of the Westbrook JAFC. As per any Westbrook JAFC player (player is considered to play for Westbrook JAFC). The reported data will include the club name (or initials) they temporarily play for. Milestones, career games and career goals are accumulated.
3 Player is registered with another club and plays in an Alliance team, or transfers out of Westbrook JAFC to register with an Alliance team (e.g. Northern Lights or North West Lightning). Player statistics start (or restart) from the first season they play for the Alliance and are reported in the Westbrook JAFC Year Book including their home club initials. However, no milestones or club records (including career statistics) are maintained by Westbrook JAFC. These should be maintained by their home club.
4 A former Westbrook JAFC player registers with Westbrook JAFC after a period of leave due to not playing or transferring to another club. Player’s statistics accumulate from previous Westbrook JAFC data. However, it is the responsibility of the player to inform Westbrook JAFC so that previous statistics can be located and included.
5 A Westbrook JAFC or Alliance team player participates for the opposition (e.g. to balance numbers or mercy rule). Any goals scored are counted towards their Westbrook JAFC statistics. Only one career game is recorded (career statistics are only relevant for Westbrook JAFC registered players)


Celebration of Milestones on a different date to the actual Milestone

Milestones such as 50 games and 100 games for Westbrook will be reported in the Year Book and will reflect the actual game representing the milestone. However, players may celebrate their milestone on a different day if desired. For example, to allow the celebration to occur at a home game.

Celebration of Milestones that include non Westbrook JAFC data

Occasionally, parents or players maintain records of games played for other clubs. Whilst these records will not appear in the Westbrook JAFC Year Book or Website, there is nothing to preclude these milestones being celebrated during a Westbrook JAFC or Alliance team game. For example, a banner on game day or a mention in the Team match report for inclusion in the Newsletter (including a photo) is acceptable and encouraged. The banner should clearly identify that the milestone is for AFL games played and not “Westbrook” games.