If you are thinking of playing AFL football as an U18 player, then the information we have provided below will hopefully answer some of the questions or concerns you may have about transitioning from Junior AFL football to U18s level in the Sydney AFL Competition.

Pre Season Training

Pre season training in early November each year – may vary club to club. All players interested in joining the club are welcome to attend these pre season training sessions, where prior to Christmas the training is more to keep fit and also keep up the general footy skills developed in the previous season.

The serious pre season training starts after the Christmas and New Year break, where we focus on developing the fitness of potential players which forms the base for the season ahead.

Player Development

Senior AFL club coaches are all AFL accredited, and have, or currently still coach at representative or AFL Academy level with many of our current players being involved with the Sydney Swans AFL Academy or GWS Giants Academy.

Sydney AFL works closely with these AFL Academy managers to ensure a balance between AFL representative and academy team requirements, with the aim being to ensure players are not over trained or over played, thus reducing the risk of both mental and physical fatigue or injury.

Parents and Supporters

The Sydney AFL welcomes, and actively encourages parents and supporters to join in with club activities which assists in running the club. As we gain new players each year, we also need to gain volunteers that can help out both behind the scenes, and at training and most importantly on Match day.

If you can assist, or you know someone that can assist in any capacity (big or small) please let us know by sending us your details and how you can help via the form on this page.

Weight Training for Junior and U18 AFL Players

Prior to starting U18s, junior AFL players should generally be working on core strengthening exercises rather than heavy weight training.

The growth phases at around 16 years of age are not consistent, and as such some players have developed faster than others and are at differing stages of training.

To protect junior players, it is recommended that each player gets their own training assessment from a professional trainer that understands AFL requirements (preferably a player themselves).