Instructions for players wishing to transfer to Westbrook:

If a player wishes to register with Westbrook and has previously played AFL with another club interstate or within New South Wales, he/she needs to apply for a transfer.

It is common courtesy that the player’s parent/caregiver inform their previous club of their intention to transfer to another club.

The main transfer application window opens 1st February and closes 30th June in any calendar year. A smaller transfer window opens 1st November and closes 30th November in any calendar year.

The player’s parent/caregiver needs to supply the Westbrook Registrar with the player’s name, date of birth, and preferably their Footyweb number.

Transfer enquiries and applications are to be emailed to the Westbrook Registrar at

Player Transfer Regulations:

Clubs are limited to the restrictions in the AFL Sydney Juniors By-Laws

For more details  refer to:

Also, for National Transfers please read in link below: