Milestone banners are a fantastic way to celebrate the achievement of players reaching their milestone games (50, 100 or 150 games). This provides an exciting and memorable moment for both your child and their whole team, and often motivates the team to victory!


Banners come in various shapes and sizes; please see below for some previous Westbrook milestone banner inspiration. If you would like to make a banner, we have included some instructions – it is easier than you think! Your Team Manager will notify you when your child’s milestone games are approaching.




What You Will Need

  • 1 x packet royal blue crepe paper
  • 1 x packet white crepe paper
  • 1 x packet red crepe paper
  • White letters (printed on a computer)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape and/or Adhesive Spray Glue
  • 2 x 2m length poles (5mm thick)
  • A helper!


On a computer, use a font such as Impact to create your message, allowing one letter per standard A4 page. Please note: if adding letters to the white crepe paper background you may wish to print in a different colour. Club logos can also be printed and applied to the Banner.



  • Roll each packet of crepe paper out to a length of 2 metres
  • Lay crepe paper lengths side by side, overlapping slightly
  • Use 3 whole lengths of crepe paper, as below, to make a background for your message.
  • Run tape down each side of the banner to keep all lengths together
  • Run tape across each seam where crepe paper overlaps. Use 20 cm sections of tape rather than a continuous length of tape so that players can break through it easily.
  • Carefully turn over and repeat process
  • Turn both short ends in 10 centimetres and tape down exposed edge to create pockets for poles.
  • Tape across entire length of top long edge to seal pockets for poles and provide strength.
  • Place you letters on the banner and space as you like
  • Tape or use spray adhesive to secure each letter in place

Your finished banner may look something like this:






You will also be provided with a Milestone Game Patch that can be sewn to the child’s football shorts. This is another way that we commemorate these special moments at Westbrook. See the photo below which shows correct placement of the patch.