Introduced in 2016,  a must read for 2018.

We would like to take a moment to draw your attention to a concept introduced recently called  E-Points. It is based upon a model introduced ten years ago in WA and its purpose is to reward positive behaviour and deter undesirable behaviour from both players and spectators. This model has had a significant impact on differentiating the behaviours observed in our sport from others that we have witnessed in other codes and a model we are a strong advocate for.

At the start of every game, each team is awarded 4 championship points which can be deducted from the team for behaviour that is not desirable in AFL. Examples of undesirable behaviour include players that are reported during the game for on field conduct, either physical or verbal, or parents/spectators remonstrating on the sidelines including verbal attacks for what they deem to be poor umpiring or directed towards opposition players. The result of behaviour such as this is that the offending team will be reported and if so, it is highly likely they will lose up to 4 points which in turn affects their position on the competition ladder.

The message is pretty simple: if we play by the rules, observe the game with a positive approach and keep all of our actions under control, we will walk away from the game with 8 competition points if we win. If we suffer a loss, we will receive 4 for the way we played and observed the game.

Everyone needs to be aware of the new model and what the potential impact is on the team if we don’t play and observe by the rules. We look forward to a positive season and trust we have your collective support in not only adhering to the behaviours required, but also becoming an advocate for this model which will see our code held in higher regard than it already is.