Image Traders have a great team of dedicated staff with a solid background in Graphic Design, Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Business Strategy Development to help you achieve the desired outcome for your next design project.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us to arrange an obligation free assessment of your needs with one of our friendly staff.

List of Services provided by Image Traders:
– Business Cards
– Letterheads
– Photography
– Video
– Websites

Logo Design:
At Image Traders it is our aim to provide your business with a professional and effective image that will be remembered.
Allowing yourself to be easily recognisable, maintaining a professional business image and being easily found or contacted through smart advertising and branding exposure, all helps to maintain continued business success and to develop a competitive edge within your industry.
Business Card Design:
Business Cards are an important asset and marketing tool for your business – whether it be a small or big business!
Stationery Design:
Primary and secondary letterhead is the most common requirement for business use. Primary letterhead is generally the first page of a multi page letter or proposal document sent to a business client.
With Compliments Slips
With Compliments slips and thank you notes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your individual business requirements. The standard format is the DL size (99mm x 210mm).
Envelopes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to meet your business needs.
Presentation Folders
Stationery Packs
Why not choose a stationery pack for your businesses needs and demands. Check out our range of packages today…
Flyer Design:
Flyers can be designed on a variety of paper sizes and stock weights, for any purpose. From the cheapest supermarket handout to a glossy DL folded promotional item, Image Traders can meet your business goals within your budget.
DL Flyers
The most common type of DL brochure is the standard 2 sided flyer.
DL Folded Flyer Designs
DL Folded Flyers/Brochures can be multi page booklets, or folded to allow large pages such as maps to be displayed in DL sized brochure holders commonly used in the travel industry.
Brochure Design:
Brochures & Catalogues can be a very time consuming and costly excercise for the small business. For this reason it is important to compile as much information as possible yourself, to reduce costs and also to ensure your designer is appropriately briefed about the requiremnts of the project.
Advertising & Promotional Design:
At Image Traders, we offer a large range of promotional design including Stickers, Posters, Clothing, Magnets and more. We have even made promotional thongs!
Packaging Design:
When designing packaging material it is essential that the integrity of the brand and public image of the organisation they are representing is maintained. The type of packaging used must also apeal to your target market, so that the end user feels satisfied with the item and the way it was presented ‘in appropriate packaging’!
Signage Design:

Image Traders designs Shop Front Signage and Vehicle Signage to match your branding theme, to provide your organisation with a complete on road advertising medium.

Image Traders design signage for any type of vehicle, including aircraft.

Web Design:

Anyone with HTML skills can make a web page, but when it comes to building a successful website that creates sales for your business, only a professional web developer like Image Traders can achieve successful and measurable results (we have the statistics to prove it!).

Image Traders not only design the look and feel of a website, we also take into account the experience that the user is looking for, and the functionality the site requires to ensure that experience is achieved. More importantly Image Traders understands how search engines operate, and what honest techniques can be used to enhance your ranking on Search Engines such as Google.

Static Website:
This type of webpage is a useful way for you to start your presence on the internet. A basic webpage should be considered as a basic flyer or business card for anyone searching for you on the web.
Content Management Systems – CMS:
The iceberg ‘Content Management System” (or CMS) wesbite, allows a business to easily edit and maintain their own website content as their business requires, saving substantial amounts of money in website maintenance costs.
We can build you virtualy and type of website. Our consultants are available to provide an inhouse assessment of your requirements and will assist you in finding the best possible solution at the most economical price.
Website Maintenance & Upgrades:
Image Traders can provide a website modernisation service to upgrade your current website with website maintenance and website upgrades to give your old website a new fresh look and feel.
Image Traders also provides a monthly maintenance program for many of our clients to ensure that their site is kept up to date, with the latest products and services to ensure that the website visitors (and search engines) will always have fresh and up to date information.
Fresh web content is one of the things that keeps your site sticky to its new and also regular users. The term sticky means that the site keeps you there, and also keeps you coming back, because the content is relevant and updated so that the site users always get something new from visiting your site.
Domain Names:
Domain name registration, web hosting and email management can all be provided by Image Traders at highly competitive rates.
At Image Traders any domain name registered and managed by us is monitored to prevent the potential loss of domain name. Be aware that losing a domain name can be an extremely costly event, and many fraudulent domain registration companies are continually trying to hijack domain names to re-sell to the previous owners for exorbitant fees.
Website Hosting & Email Management:

At Image Traders we maintain our own secure web servers through a selection of specialised web hosting companies in Sydney and Brisbane.

Hosting prices vary depending on how much data transfer your site uses, and how much storage space you need on the hosting server for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation:
Are you frustrated that your site doesn’t appear on any of the search engines, or that when you do find your websites listing its on page 50 when all your competitors are on page 1? 
If so, the Image Traders Search Engine Optimisation team can help.
We have a proven record of increasing visitors to our clients websites, and can get you on the all important first three search result pages on most of the popular search engines and directories.
Ask us to prepare a search engine optimisation report for your website today.
A SEO Report will give you a better understanding of where your site currently sits, both in relation to how your competitors are placed, and also on how you are placed in general online.
The Search Engine Optimisation report will outline what your website designer needs to do to effectively optimise your website for optimum results online.
If you don’t have a web designer and you do your website updates yourself, we can show you what you need to do, or we can provide skilled website developers and consultants to help you fix your website today!