At Westbrook JAFC, we believe we have a really good set of kids and also a pretty good set of Parents. Regardless of how wonderful we think you all are, the AFL and Westbrook JAFC need to continue to make a big effort and set the standard around Code of Conduct. Westbrook JAFC and all its club members agree to the rules, by-laws, and policies of the AFL and its bodies, and we will endeavour to uphold the highest standards of fairness and tolerance.

General Principle:

 It’s about Kids first, with development and participation over results. It is about the kid’s enjoyment and our focus must be about delivering this as our number one priority. By putting the Kids first, long term club growth and success will be enduring.

Parents /spectators:

  • Positive or constructive comments only.
  • Nothing Negative.
  • Be restrained; ie avoid the ugly parent syndrome
  • Smoking or Alcohol is not acceptable at junior sport fields
  • Never ever show disrespect for Umpires and Officials.
  • Umpires are a NO GO zone.Coaches/Administration/officials:
  • Play by the rules…and the spirit of the rules.
  • Ensure equal participation.
  • Maximise enjoyment.
  • Promote fair play.
  • Promote respect for opponents
  • Condemn unsporting behaviour.Players:
  • Play by the rules
  • Never argue with an official or umpire
  • Control your temper and no bad language
  • Be a good sport – shake hand with opposition, don’t be a bad loser.
  • Treat all players fairly
  • Cooperate willingly – get on with it.
  • Play for fun. For any unsportsmanlike behaviour, the offending player will be removed from playing field, and spectators will be asked to leave the ground.

Smoke & Alcohol Free:

  • Westbrook JAFC acknowledge there are health risks as a result of smoking and passive smoking and along with alcohol, clearly has no place in a Junior Sport environment.
  • Important to also note is recent changes to the NSW Smoke-Free Environment Act now provide that smoking is prohibited in “an area set aside for or being used by spectators to watch an organised sporting event at a sports ground or other recreational area”.
  • The Westbrook JAFC ask that you respect the legislation and the health of our children and not smoke or drink alcohol within the facilities or the fenced areas surrounding the grounds.
  • This is applicable at training, match days and club events. This policy is applicable to all members and visitors of the club.Electronic Communication & Incorrect use of Social Media:
  • There are standards expected in the use of electronic and social media. This includes emails, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and their many variants.
  • Inappropriate use of electronic communication within the football environment includes, but is not limited to, making or posting inappropriate comments against players, clubs, club officials, match officials or leagues which is hurtful, discriminatory or offensive in nature.
  • All members should be aware that the AFL Sydney Juniors treats such breaches as a very serious matter.Discrimination:
  • Our club is for all members of the community and as such Westbrook JAFC will not tolerate discrimination or vilification of any kind.
  • Discrimination is bound by relevant state Acts and the AFL policies and covers any instance where a person is treated less favourably, either directly or indirectly, on the basis of race, culture, religion, gender, education and any other attributes considered intolerant.Complaints:

Westbrook JAFC is committed to our Code of Conduct as policy with any breach acted on as per the AFL Bylaws and further referred if impacting other legislation. If any Club members or members of the community feel this code is being breached, they can forward their complaint to the Club President or Secretary for investigation by the Westbrook JAFC committee or a nominated Subcommittee.

And a final comment….just to be clear:

“Umpires are a NO GO zone”… only a ground manger can talk with umpires.

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